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1. Compulsory Turnout: A Compelling (and Contingent) Case

Politics has published a variety of articles recently on compulsory voting
including Saunders' argument against it. This article argues against Saunders
and makes some general claims. I show that there is a democratic va

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2. Compulsory voting: For and against - Springer Link

quences, for example, that it makes a government legitimate or more democratic.
(Chapter 2). Next, he criticizes deontological claims, such as the duty to vote or
enhanced autonomy through compulsion. In his last chapter (Chapter 4), he

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3. The Case against Compulsory Voting

Jul 28, 2008 ... LUISS Guido Carli, Roma. Facoltà di Scienze Politiche. Dottorato di Ricerca in
Teoria Politica. Voting: A Citizen's Right, or Duty? The Case against Compulsory
Voting. Tesi di dottorato di Jan Rovenský.

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4. Full Participation: A Comparative Study of Compulsory Voting

3 Normative arguments for and against compulsory voting. 40. 4 Compulsory
voting and election campaigns. 59. 5 Compulsory voting and electoral turnout. 79
. 6 Compulsory voting, electoral integrity and de

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5. Compulsory voting: a critical perspective - LSE Research Online

THE CASE AGAINST COMPULSION. 1) The Right to Vote. People have a variety
of interests which justify the right to vote. Two, in particular, help to capture the
instrumental and intrinsic interests in political participation. 28 The evid

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6. Compulsory Voting - [email protected] Carey Law

The arguments against compulsory voting fall into two broad categories: that it
will result in the wrong people casting votes, or that it infringes on the liberty of
free persons to choose not to participate in political decision-making.

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7. Is Compulsory Voting Justified? - Public Reason

THE CASE AGAINST COMPULSION. Step One: The Evidence. The connection
between compulsory voting and social democratic politics is more speculative
and uncertain than Lijphart suggests. Those paradigmatic instances of social
Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

8. Why Compulsory Voting Can Enhance Democracy - Lirias - KU

whether compulsory voting is able to provide a partial solution to these problems.
After analyzing the arguments in favor of and against compulsory voting, I try to
sum up the debate and reach a conclusive stand on the issue

Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

9. COMPULSORY VOTING Arguments for Compulsory Voting

the electorate that it should in general turn out to vote. Lastly, if democracy is
government by the people, presumably this includes all people. Then it is every
citizen's responsibility to elect their representatives. Arguments Against<

Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

10. Compulsory voting

discussion, to review the arguments for and against compulsory voting used at
the times when it was introduced to the various electoral systems of Australia and
to ascertain how fifty years of experience has dealt with them. Com

Tags:arguments against compulsory voting

11. A Critique of Marxism - Wessex Solidarity

“...the course of history is governed by inner laws operating in spite of the
consciously desired aims of individuals...” (Engels,. Ludwig Feurbach, p. 48,
emphasis added) j The Critique. Over a century ago Bakunin anticipated much
the same

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12. The Validity of Karl Marx's Theory of Historical - UNI Business

forces and class struggle to explain history. With the fall of communism in the
20th century, many components of historical materialism have come under fire.
This paper is a defense of the validity of historical materialism and concludes that
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13. The Marxist Critique of Morality and the Theory of Ideology

inconsistent. The interpretation depends on a contrast between certain doctrines
typical of moral philosophy (which, it will be argued, Marx rejects) and the
rejection of ethical values as such (to which, it will be argue

Tags:arguments against marxism

14. Marx's critique of rights - University of Warwick

In a similar vein Marx defended the traditional rights of the poor to gather wood
from the forests against laws which were brought in by the Prussian state to turn
dead wood into the privileged property of the landowners (Junkers).

Tags:arguments against marxism

15. Marx's Critique of Utilitarianism

which Marx explicitly makes against utility, utilitarianism, and/or those whom he
identifies as utilitarian - e.g., Bentham, j. Mill, j.S. Mill,. Helvetius, etc. It is this I
shall undertake in this paper. In the course of discussi

Tags:arguments against marxism

16. Realism, Marxism and Critical International Theory - jstor

literature does maintain that traditional arguments against Marxism obscured the
extent to which historical materialism could respond with an equally powerful
critique of realism and make a distinctive contribution to the construction of

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17. Max Weber as a Critic of Marxism - jstor

Nov 3, 1973 ... For a detailed analysis of this point of view, see Mommsen (1974b:103-107). 5.
For the meagre result of G'nther Roth's efforts to find evidence of Weber's attitude
to Marx in. Weber's sociolog

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18. Marxism as Science - Michael Burawoy - University of California

This paper examines Marxism's claim to be a science. The first part considers
possible models of science and argues that the most coherent is Imre Lakatos's
methodology of scientiBc research programs. In his conception scie

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19. Critical Realist Arguments in Marx's Capital - The University of Utah

3 Critical Realist Arguments in Marx's Capital abstract labour. Later on, a long
section of the first chapter derives various 'forms of value' as surface expressions
of this congealed abstract labour. These expre

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20. Marxism and Materialism - SAGE Journals

Since all Ruben's arguments in favour of "materialism" are for the trivial thesis
only, it is difficult to assess the plausibility (or otherwise) of any arguments that he
might have in favour of the primacy thesis . H

Tags:arguments against marxism

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