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1. The Voyage of The Dawn Treader - Signum University

numerous similarities between The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and the
medieval Irish immrama, particularly the voyage of St. Brendan. Tolkien
specifically mentions Brendan, as well as another immrama hero, Maelduin, in. “

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2. to the Sea of Romance: Benedeit - Springer Link

Although I do not wish to question that the two immrama in question parallel each
other in many aspects, the causal dependance of these correspondences needs
recon- sidering. Before embarking on his voyage, M醗l D鷌n receives a proph

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3. A Pilgrim's Progress: Paul Muldoon's "Immram" as a Journey - jstor

"Immram Mael Duin," the poem becomes an allegory for a voyage personal to.
Muldoon, one exploring not so much a physical terrain as a political state. I intend
the term "political state" to reflect both the personal -

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4. The Individual and the Church in the Voyage of Mael D鷌n Author(s)

They faced at once towards earth, and towards heaven and hell. Immram Curaig
Ma韑e D鷌n 'Voyage of M醗l D鷌n', the tale that I wish to examine, uses its ocean
and ocean islands as a social laboratory.xv As its title suggests,.

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5. the social and ideological role of crannogs in early medieval ireland

the early ninth century, the compilation of a secularised derivative tale in Irish,
Immram. curaigMdele D黫n ('The Voyage of M鈋l Duin's boat'), which also
describes a hero's journey around islands.14 Other notable vo

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6. the voyage of mael dun - Imaginary Journeys

The Voyage of Mael Dun (pronounced Muldoon) is a bardic recitation recorded in
the 10th Century Irish manuscript, The Book of the Dun Cow. It features a
fantastic and bizarre series of islands visited by the hero, Mael Dun and his

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7. MODULE CODE: CYCS7019 TITLE: Celtic Otherworlds—from the

Jul 23, 2012 ... LEARNING OUTCOMES. By the end of this module students should be able to: •
display mastery of the problems of understanding Celtic religious ideas in
changing historic contexts;. • demonstrate specialised knowledge of the

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8. Some Celtic otherworld motifs in Brendan's Voyage to - NECTAR

a relationship with some early Irish texts, most particularly Immram Brain and the
Immram curaig M醗le D鷌n (the Voyage of Bran and the Voyage of M醗l D鷌n's
coracle), and in this study, I shall discuss some of the Celtic mo

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9. The Vision of the Knight T鷑gano in the Literatures of the Iberian

Bridge (familiar to all mainly through its role in Chretien de Troyes's Lancelot)22
and the motif of (most commonly) an island one half of which displays one prop-
erty, the other its complete opposite.23 The latter motif is perhaps best
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10. Early Irish Hostages - Utrecht University Repository

Jun 23, 2016 ... Forms of g韆ll appear 10 times and g韆llnae is used twice. These words are
translated as. 'hostage', 'hostageship' or used to indicate submission. Immram
Curaig Ma韑e D鷌n. In this immram, 'T

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